Luxor Temple, Egypt

After a quick tour of the Luxor Museum, which was full of ancient Egyptian artifacts, we arrived at the Sonesta St. George hotel. The hotel was lovely and the staff was very helpful. Views from our window consisted of a peaceful view of the Nile and a grand pool.

Our first adventure was to the Valley of the Kings and Tutankhamen’s tomb. The preservation of the tombs was brilliant. Colors deep within the tombs were vivid and striking. The stories within the tombs were brilliant mysteries kept in time.

After the visit, we boarded traditional felucca boats for a beautiful floating lunch down the Nile river. Floating softly down a river full of history was so peaceful and renewing. Unfortunately you couldn’t help but notice the pollution infiltrating the river.

After the lunch, I bolted to the Luxor Temple as I convinced (begged) the photographic expert to let me tag along while he photographed the temple at twilight. I was extremely grateful for the experience. The lighting was truly magical.

To top of our Luxor experience, we took a Caleche, horse drawn carriage, to Luxor Temple for a tour, cocktail party and gala dinner. The weather was perfect and the surroundings were stellar. The night was magnificent.

2 thoughts on “Luxor Temple, Egypt

  1. How come your pictures are better than mine?? Haha
    And please remove that image of the puffy white guy with a camera. Kinda ruins the rest of the portfolio!?

    • My photographs are no where near better than yours…not in a million years.
      I just laughed so hard…I’ll remove the picture if I can post a different one! The expert teacher needs credit.

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