India was truly a spiritual awakening. If you have forgotten what passion feels like then a trip to India is a must! Amazing how dormant parts of one’s soul can be re-kindled. Parts which were previously resolved to be retired, now a flame. Was it the colors, the spice, the smell? Just which sense was responsible? India does not discriminate, it invites all your senses to the dance.

Our bus ride from the military airfield in Agra to the hotel was our first introduction to the beautiful authenticity that is India. Since it was a late arrival our initial destination was the breathtaking Oberoi Amarvilas Hotel. The Oberoi Amarvilas is a luxury hotel and spa which offers a staff of extremely trained individuals to meet your every need. There is a remarkable view of the taj mahal from every room!

After a rejuvenating night, we travel to the Taj Mahal for a sunrise photo shoot with our extremely talented photography expert, Michael Melford. We were guided around the grounds of the Taj Mahal where every click of the camera took postcard like images. The epic history of the Taj Mahal is as romantic as witnessing the site itself. You have to stop and breath in the colors, the architecture, and the magnificence of this human artistic creation.

The next choice of outing was to Kachhpura, a small village, a dose of reality.  How can such poverty emit such joy? As a stranger we are welcome into a humble village with open arms.  This is a village, nurtured through National Geographic, which is learning and succeeding in self sustaining. What a blessing it was to learn about, photograph and reach out to these special people.

Next Stop…Africa.

2 thoughts on “India

  1. dawnjohnson4 says:

    Great job! Felt like I was on the journey with you! 😉

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