Australia is such a comfortable place. The people are so friendly and accommodating! Good beer, good wine, good food and great environment. We stayed in the Port Douglas area of Australia at the Sea Temple Resort. A wine and beer tasting was our introduction to the resort and a local koala bear was a special guest. After dinner it was off to bed to get ready for the Great Barrier Reef.
We took the SilverSonic to barracuda bommie for our reef dive, and let me tell you it was some kind of fabulous! First they took us to a submersible tour wherein we loaded a submarine-like vessel and road over the reef. We saw turtles, sharks, all kinds of tropical fish and live corals. The reef was simply amazing and words can not describe the kind of beauty.
We all split up into groups of snorkelers and scuba divers. As I was certified I was not about to miss this opportunity to go down under. First big step and off into the blue where we were greeted by a blue spotted stingray. The dive was spectacular with a maximum depth of 66ft and a bottom time of about an hour.
A short ride to visit the Wildlife Habitat was the perfect ending to our austral Ian adventure. The guide at the habitat was well versed and was personally involved with the animals. Like Snow White, the creatures flocked to him and were rewarded with treats. We hand fed some of the furry, feathery locals such as the cute kangaroo. I regret not toting a camera into the habitat, but fortunate for all of us we did tote our professional photographer.
Next stop, Cambodia…

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