A festive greeting of local fire dancers, tribal dancers and musicians were our welcome to the Aggie Grey Beach Resort. This was well needed after our long flight from Peru to Samoa. We headed straight to our room after a traditional buffet style feast. The rooms were quite small and dated, but the views made up for what the rooms lacked.

The next morning we toured the town on our own and saw local villages, churches, fed sea turtles, and visited a fine arts museum. The wood carvings of Samoa are truly works of art. Many of the local houses consists of a foundation and roof without traditional walls. This island teaches you just how little you need in order to live and be happy. Famed author Robert Lewis Stevenson’s home is located in the village of Vailima.

Before departing for the airport we enjoyed a Samoan cultural show and lunch at the hotel. The entire staff was quite friendly and shared in the operations of the hotel. Our waitress was a show dancer, and our driver was a member of the traditional Samoan band.

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