Easter Island

As always, there were detailed lectures on the plane which were informative to our destination. We elected to upgrade to the Explora resort and what a great decision! The staff was so kind and greeted us with drinks and appetizers. The hotel was a “green” hotel which did not sacrifice any luxuries. Breathtaking views of the ocean side were enjoyed from every room. I can tell you the beds were the most comfortable I have experienced in most of my life travels. All the food was safely cooked and absolutely delicious.

Easter Island is land of the Moai and we viewed them at Ahu Tahai, Rano Raraku, and Tongariki. We visited additional Moai as well as craters created by ancient volcanos. We visited the Tongariki again, at night, for a photography lesson by National Geographic photographer, Michael Medford. The night shoot was an unbelievable opportunity to learn from such a talented expert. Although it was a dark and quite scary night we were so blessed to take home photographs of the Moai which we “painted” with light.

On our way to the airport we toured Orongo and Rano Kau which was the area of the Bird Man Cult. The bird man cult was a population of villages which had many traditions and ceremonies centering around the retrieval of an egg from a neighboring island. Another crater boarders the area and is a magnificent site to see. Horses run free around the island and add to the natural spiritual, beauty of the island.

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